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Brand Blastoff: Dino’s Palms

Brand Blastoff

Our Brand Blastoff package includes a bundle of different services personalized to your business to propel you towards success. Our team will analyze the current state of your brand and give you a package deal of the services we best believe can help your business blast off. Typical brand blastoff packages can include logo design, brand identity development, web development, ad campaign, and more. Because our brand blastoff package includes a bundle of services, we will give you the best price possible. Contact us to schedule a free discovery session and learn what Nebula can do for your business.

Introduction to Dino’s Palms

First, I want to stress the personal significance this project meant to me. Dino’s Palms is the reason Nebula Creative Group is alive and breathing today. That is because Dino’s Palms was the small business that my father started shortly after immigrating to the United States in 2006. Throughout my childhood, I saw my father grow his business and I fell in love with entrepreneurship and everything about it. My infatuation with entrepreneurship and my expertise in marketing and design led to the birth of Nebula Creative Group. The brand blastoff performed for Dino’s Palms was an excellent opportunity to show the world what Nebula can do.

Dino’s Palms is a landscaping company based in West Palm Beach, FL. They sell many types of vegetation from small flowers to 16 feet tall palm trees. Nebula provided a revamped brand identity for Dino’s Palms that included a new logo and a revitalized website. The focus of this project was to increase Dino’s Palms’ online presence to compete effectively in the landscaping industry.

Project Overview

  • E-commerce Website Development
  • Logo Design – An Ecommerce Platform

The Problem

After 12 years of operations, Dino’s Palms never had an online presence. Today, a website and social media presence are necessary components of any business. It is incredible how successful Dino’s Palms has been despite not having a Google Business profile where people could leave reviews, a website where people could order plants or a social media page where people could interact and engage with the business. It’s a testament to the great businessman that my dad is, and I hope to one day have the same client relationships that he has with my own clients. Thus, we arrive at our central problem: Dino’s Palms lacks an online presence. The solution was to build an online eCommerce platform where individuals could order inventory.

The Process

I sat down with the owner of Dino’s Palms for a discovery session to learn more about the company and what exactly the owner needed out of the website. The main takeaway from this session was that people needed an online store where they could conveniently purchase vegetation for their homes. Also, the owner stressed how important it was to manage and track all these orders. We determined how many pages the website should have, the content that goes on each page, and the customer journey down the sales funnel.

After the scope of the project was determined, we gathered information about the products on the site, including product names, product variations, product images, etc. For our website launch services, we view ourselves as being on the journey with our clients; we ensure their voice is heard and that their preferences are instilled on the website. All the information the owner wanted on the site was gleefully incorporated, and when no specific content was outlined, we took charge of copywriting ourselves.

After the initial discovery session, Nebula proposed a timeline with deliverables. The estimated website development time was one month, with periodic weekly check-ins to ensure satisfaction. For each check-in, the client provided feedback on the site, and the appropriate adjustments were made. An initial version of the site was completed within the month and the client has been receiving continued improvements as part of our website retainer service.


An aesthetically pleasing web design is nice, but in the age of Google, SEO is just as, if not more important. SEO improvements are essential to grow your business and rank higher on Google, and we include them in our website development services for an additional fee. The Nebula team made effort to craft the content in such a way that improves the site’s ranking on Google for specific keywords, such as “palms for sale.” Additionally, we ensured the site was fast; page speed is a significant factor in Google rankings. In fact, has a PageSpeed Insight of 95, a GTMetrix grading of A, and an SEO grade on SEObility of over 80%. If you purchase our website retainer service, your site will always receive constant SEO improvements over time to optimize your site’s reach.

The Backend (For Nerds) is a WordPress eCommerce website that utilizes the Astra theme and WooCommerce plugin. The Simply Natural starter template served as a foundation for the site. My secret weapon in this project was the GreenShift plugin, by WP Soul. This plugin allows you to create beautiful sections directly on the Gutenberg WordPress editor using blocks. It is a great alternative to well-known page builders, such as Elementor Pro. It’s a super lightweight plugin and I highly recommend it to any web developer. We made many core elements of the front page using GreenShift, including the flip boxes for the category of plants, the slider and carousel that showcases previous landscape designs, and the accordions that present the frequently asked questions.

An important function of the site is the ability for users to request quotes, rather than checking out on the site directly. We made this decision because landscaping is a high-involvement purchase; we wanted to add an extra level of involvement in the purchase to reduce the number of refunds. You didn’t need to hire some fancy consultant to tell you that, we did it for free! To accomplish this, we used a plugin called the NP Quote Request WooCommerce plugin by Neah Plugins. This plugin essentially turns your normal WooCommerce checkout into a request for a quote. A huge shoutout to the development team, who provided excellent and swift support for an issue I had with the plugin.


The main purpose of this online platform is to increase sales for Dino’s Palms. If you look at other landscaping sites around the Palm Beach County region, they are all limited in terms of their e-commerce capabilities and look aesthetically uninspiring. So, my mission for this project was to create an intuitive e-commerce platform that was built to drive sales, while adhering to the modern, beautiful design style that Nebula Creative Group crafts for its clients. And that is exactly what we accomplished. You can visit the site yourself at

Logo Design: Out-of-the-box thinking

Dinos Palms Logo


A logo is a company’s ultimate form of expression; it embodies what the company is, what it stands for, and often composes the first impression that customers make about your business. To elevate Dino’s Palm’s perception in the competitive landscape of landscaping (yes, I really went there), we designed a new logo to communicate to customers what Dino’s Palms is all about. The redesigned Dino’s Palms logo is another modern Nebula Creative Group creation that is minimal in design but expansive in meaning and symbolism.

The Meaning

The principal imagery of the logo is clear at first sight: a palm tree, encompassed by a hexagon. The meaning behind this is straightforward: Dino’s Palms is a company that sells palm trees. A palm in the logo is a visual cue to convey this to customers in a simple, yet effective way.

However, if you look a bit more closely, there is a more subtle meaning embedded in the logo. Go ahead and take a look. Notice it? The fronds of the palm also form two flaps of a box. A shipping box symbolizes Dino’s Palms dedication to making landscape delivery quick and easy. As stated previously, we wanted to create an intuitive eCommerce platform that drives sales. The focus on shipping and quick and easy ordering is exemplified by the shipping box in the logo. We want Dino’s Palms to be like the ”Amazon” of landscaping; the go-to spot for online ordering of greenery.

The Process

As usual, we put careful attention to crafting this logo, including ensuring symmetry, width uniformity, scalability, and multi-color applications. Our usual logo design service includes three drafts with 2 revision cycles, so you can be sure that you will get a logo that you will love at Nebula Creative Group.


The brand blastoff is a service where we gauge the status of your business, propose the most relevant services, and bundle them up to give you the best price possible. In this case, Dino’s Palms had a lack of online presence and an outdated logo design. Thus, we believed a web and logo design were the best services we could provide to propel the company forward. As part of our brand blastoff bundle service, the client received special discounted pricing on the combined services.

“I never thought my business could look so professional. The credibility Nebula gave my business through their logo and web design changed the way people view me and my company. The increase in customer awareness and engagement was apparent.” – Dino, Owner of Dino’s Palms.

If you have any questions about this project or would like to learn more about our brand blastoff service, please contact us and we can schedule a discovery session to learn more about your business and how to best help it grow!

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